Cath Kidston cottage cake decorating masterclass

When I arrived home at the end of this evening, I made my other half laugh by gushing to him that It was one of the best nights of my life, but it really was quite something! It was actually him who bought me the ticket – £35 for the masterclass, which included a cake to decorate, plus an apron and tea towel to take home. So off to London I went, for a once in a lifetime trip to Cath towers.

I have been a dyed-in-the-wool fan of Cath for many years so there was no way I was going to miss the opportunity to get into Cath towers and to see the famed Cath’s caff where staff are lucky enough to have their lunch every day. I think I floated up in the lift and it was hard not to squeal in excitement as I made myself a cuppa there in a beautiful Cath cup.

It was just a complete kitchen chic dream, with white tiles, the amazing digital printed Cath wallpaper and a fantastic light fixture made from a cluster of beautiful shades.

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There were a number of tables laid out with our ingredients and the Cath equipment we would be allowed to use during the class, including the beautiful ceramic rolling pin from the new collection. We each had a Madeira cake, plus some ready to roll icing in various colours, and large bowls of icing were on the tables too.

The masterclass tutor took us through the process in stages. We cut the Madeira in half, cut the top of one half off and put the other on it to create the body of the cottage. Then we applied green icing all the way round, which proved to be an unbelievably frustrating process because we were all trying to avoid getting crumbs in the icing!

Then we piped on a red icing roof in strips before rolling and cutting the icing into the right shapes for windows, doors and whatever other decoration we wanted. Small flower cutters proved to be very popular, adding real vintage charm with a simple press and press again.

I had such a laugh cutting and pasting and icing, and it reinforced to me the real pleasure of cooking and baking and making, especially with other people. We couldn’t believe the range of cakes that were produced on the night, and there was cuteness overload when they were all lined up together.

If you get the chance to do a similar class, jump at it! The staff of CK couldn’t have been more welcoming and friendly, waving us off into the night at the end as we gingerly carried our treasured creations home. What a 5 star experience 🙂 Thank you Cath & co!


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