Another hearty (spicy sausage pasta) supper

The sun was shining today, but we were freezing after erecting a garden swing for the 3yo! So another warm and hopefully winning – and relatively quick – evening family meal needed concocted from store cupboard ingredients.

I took three sausages from the fridge and removed their skins, then snipped them into  pieces and into some heated olive oil in a pan to brown. I threw in some onions and added garlic and a bit of chilli after they’d softened, plus tin of tomatoes, water swilled from its tin and some mushrooms.

My husband laughs that frozen peas are ubiquitous in our house and they are. I admit I cannot reist throwing them into everything, given that they cook so quickly and are a vivid dash of green in a dinner.


Added to some cooked casarecce pasta, seasoned and accompanied with some garlic bread, it was just the ticket for an exceedingly chilly April evening.  


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