We’re on a pre-holiday diet…but then I went and made Nigella Lawson’s Peanut Butter Squares!

We are trying to be good in the few weeks before our holiday as we know that once we are there, we’ll be inactive and stuffing ourselves, piling on pounds during sunbathing whilst quaffing sugary drinks and munching snacks.

So, it’s been healthy dinners all the way. I recently made spatchcock chicken with some sweet potato mash and parmesan parsnips. Even though the sweet potatoes had been in the fridge for quite a while, they were still delicious. I have such a sweet tooth that I find these a godsend. Very few things are as healthy and delicious as a sweet potato wedge or a spoon of s p mash!


But then, in advance of a girlie movie night, I made some of Nigella’s peanut butter squares from Domestic Goddess.

We are all peanut butter fans so it was a no brainer that these, a combination of icing sugar, peanut butter and two types of chocolate, would go down a treat. They’re, in fact, one of the most irresistible things I have ever eaten and there was no way the other half and I with our rubbish levels of willpower were going to be able to stay away.

One portion of these does go quite a long way but after we’d passed some on to friends, there was still quite a bit left. But, inevitably, it took us two nights to scoff the lot!



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