Plum and apple cobbler – with a few added extras thrown in

It was one of those moments where I looked in the fridge and saw a bundle of unloved fruits staring mournfully back at me. I knew I had to act fast and, just as soup is my default for wilting veg, when the fruit is turning to mush, make a crumble. Or a cobbler. 

So, into a big dish went plums and apples. That was fine, but the half a banana on the worktop and the sad strawberries were calling too. In one of those mad moments, I thought, ah, throw it all in, why not. It’s all sweet fruit – how wrong could it really go? 

Over the top went some orange juice, zest, cinnamon brown sugar and a bit of vanilla paste and I mixed everything together. Into the oven it went first, for 15 minutes or so, until the fruit was beginning to give. 

Then, for the topping, I thought of oats and co, but opted for cobbler so I could use up the few grams of pine nuts I had lurking at the bottom of my baking cupboard. Into the Magimix went those, plus some flour, sugar and butter and a few processes later, it was ready. I dolloped it over the fruit in the dish and in it went again, for 20 minutes.

We tucked into huge bowls of it, with some clotted ice cream, and it was delicious, with abundant purply juice oozing out enticingly. An experiment gone right, thank goodness.    



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