A review of Soreen’s new chocolate malt loaf

In celebration of their 75th anniversary, Soreen have released a special chocolate edition of their famous squidgy loaf.

I am already a fan of Soreen, especially the toastie loaf (which comes sliced, thus preventing the squishing of the entire product when you try to cut it) so there was no way I was going to miss this one when I heard about it. But it was nowhere to be found round our way for a depressingly long time. 

Then one day, whilst buying Warburton’s cinnamon loaf – which our young daughter adores – I looked up and there it was. Woooooo! I shouted (inwardly) and promptly threw two into the trolley. 


Once home, I immediately got stuck in. There was a bit of the usual compaction when I carefully sliced it and spread the usual thin smear of butter (we Norn Iron folk butter everything) on top. Thankfully, it wasn’t dry – a really dry Soreen once put me off buying it for ages.

And, really, it didn’t taste THAT different, which was actually a pretty good result. I had been worried what a really chocolately Soreen would taste like, and I think this is really as far as the choc idea could be pushed. 

Chocolate chips have been added to the usual mix and it’s a subtle addition – they’re tiny and you won’t all of a sudden have your malt, chewy bite of S rudely interrupted. They’re more of a ‘ooh, what’s that coming through’ polite and pleasant element to what’s always a pleasurable and pretty sweet thing to eat. Which is of course low in fat.

The cheerful messages on the packaging suggest eating it with vanilla ice cream or warm with chocolate sauce. I haven’t tried it yet but I’m thinking you can only go so far wrong where sugar and fat are concerned!



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