Despite the sun, I can’t resist making a chocolate bread and butter pudding

Chancing upon a loaf reduced to 10p in the supermarket, I couldn’t resist. So, even though the summer had finally arrived and it was a lovely warm day, I found myself making a really comfort food-y stodgy pud.

But I’d had my eye on Nigella’s chocolate bread and butter pudding from Kitchen for months and was dying to get my pie dish down and make it. It’s just such an easy recipe, which used the American method of making a dessert of this sort. Rather than buttering loads of slices of bread, you just cube a weighed amount of slices, toss them in the dish, throw in the choc, and then pour over the milky, creamy, eggy (plus rum) mixture.

We ate it, straight from the oven, with a little bit of cream. Vanilla ice cream would also have been a combination from the heavens. The husband was so enamoured that he ate it straight from the dish the next morning!





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