Turning stale biscuits into a baked peanut butter chocolate cheesecake. Yum.

For whatever reason, we amassed quite a few biccies recently which went uneaten and thus ended up all stale and unwanted 😦 languishing in the biscuit tin. 

I also had a stash of out of date peanut butter Oreo cookies, so there was a need for definitive action in the usual manner of dealing with these unappealingly soft blighters – stick them in a cheesecake as the base. 


I had about 150grams of crumbs after I blitzed the first lot of plain-ish biscuits in the Magimix, a job lot which included some Nice and a few mini gingermen. I topped this up to 300g with the outsides of some of the Oreos, mixed them with melted butter and pressed them into a 23cm springform tin.

For the topping, I threw together cream cheese, peanut butter, beaten egg and brown sugar, adding the Oreo middles for good measure. Plus a scattering of crumbled Oreos on top. Oh, and a liberal helping of those fantastic Hershey swirled peanut butter and chocolate morsels.

Image The end result, baked for 40 mins or so, was a substantial slice of heaven. It was also reallllly filling. We’re already peanut butter addicts in our house, but I think this one might definitely be made again. Nothing better than a bit of culinary experimentation which goes right! 






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