Painting the kitchen cupboards has given the room a new lease of life

We have no money but the other half knows I have hated our kitchen for quite some time. It’s not big enough to hold my kitchenalia and it just looked dated and so very very far from my dream of a rustic blissful space. I am in there a lot, and the rubbishness of the facades was just getting me down.

So, I thought it was time that we bit the bullet and tried something different. And, as I reassured hubby, how wrong could it go? The old units were terrible, so a lick of paint of the wrong colour wasn’t go to make things worse. In my dreams, it was going to reinvigorate the whole room for a mere few pounds.

I headed off to research colours and the whole process we’d need to go through. A man in a DIY shop took one look at me, a mere girl (harrumph) and warned “it’s a lot of work you know”. I headed home full of renewed resolve – and two cans of special kitchen cupboard paint in a shade which matched the worktop. Plus some sugar soap, sandpaper and a decent undercoat.

It took me one full frenetic day to scrub the doors clean, remove the handles, clean them, clear out all of the spaces which would need painted and to apply two coats of undercoat. That was all my back would take, so hubby then took over to start on the colour itself. It took two days – and this is how it ended up.


I am overjoyed with it and I still, a few weeks in, get a burst of joy when I walk around the corner and take in that beautiful colour. It’s still small, but I feel we’ve made the best of what we have. And, because we only needed one can of the colour, it cost less than £50. What a result.




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