Back in business with the world’s easiest homemade vegetable soup

Apologies for the radio silence – a procedure on my back, a family week away and work crises have kept me occupied.

But I returned to the solace of the stove this week. I had time to make some lovely autumn  suppers, and I was also keen to use the pack of soup vegetables that I’d brought back from a trip to Ireland (good old Dunnes Stores). I do not know why similar packs aren’t sold in supermarkets here as they make even a novice cook really confident in their ability to knock up a really healthy soup. Yes, they contain basic ingredients which you could easily put together yourself, but that’s not the point of convenience food, of which they are an A-star example. Image

Simply chuck the mix in a pan with some vegetable or chicken stock, simmer and that’s it. And, if you fancy it, you can pre-steep some dry soup mix (lentils and pulses, again, sold in a handy soup packet) and bung them in too. I use a Scottish brand which I also bought in Ireland.

At home in Northern Ireland, this soup was always served with boiled potatoes – one or two were placed in the bowl – and some shredded chicken left over from the roast which had provided the chicken stock. It reminds me of cold nights coming in from playing outside to a steaming bowl of it, or sipping it from a polystyrene cup at a fireworks display.

A picture of the soup in a bowl doesn’t communicate how amazingly appetising it is, but, believe me, it’s lovely. I think I am going to have to start campaigning the supermarkets to stock soup mix in the fresh sections here. 





One thought on “Back in business with the world’s easiest homemade vegetable soup

  1. You can get vegetable, carrot & coriander, spicy butternut squash soup packs in Asda for £1.
    When I was little, my Mum used to put bolied spuds in tomato soup, deeeeelicious xx

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