A tart for the warmer spring weather

It’s finally happened – the weather is improving. And as such, we have turned away, just a little bit, from stodge when it comes to our evening meal. 

There was even a salad or two on the table this week, and I have been shopping for lighter bites and something to reflect the sense that spring really is here, and that we’ve been able to shed our winter layers. Hopefully there will be no regression to woollies and extra duvets.

As a mum who is cooking the evening meal in a fraught period when I get home after a full day at work, I appreciate time saving staples. One I have mentioned before is any ready rolled pastry sheet, shortcrust or puff, which can easily be turned into a savoury tart, or can, for example, encase a chicken breast to make a quick and tasty chicken en croute. 

Tonight, I opted for a perennial favourite – leek and asparagus tart with proscuitto crudo. I just sweated two leeks in some butter with a little (dried) thyme, put them onto a (it was shortcrust today because that’s what was in the fridge) pastry sheet, and then laid some asparagus spears on top. 


I lightly seasoned the tart so far and then laid the proscuitto on top of that. Then it went into the oven for approximately 30 minutes at 180 degrees C and that’s was it. Simples. And yum. 



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