I promised myself I wouldn’t buy any more kitchenalia but then….

I happened upon two items I just couldn’t leave behind. I know, I know – it’s ridiculous. After all, I have just had a clear out and I vowed not to purchase anything more.

The shelves in our kitchen groan underneath the weight of my pans and baking equipment, and my other half is forever laughing at the state of the main cooking cupboard – you open it and then take cover as jars and packets of this, that and the other thing fall out on top of you.

But I did include the caveat that I wouldn’t buy anything else UNLESS it was absolutely one hundred fantabulous – which the two items I recently found completely are.

Both are retro, of course. The first thing I came upon was a Skyline rolling pin in brilliant condition – and it rotates, too. The distinctive Skyline design is one I really recall from my childhood, as my parents were given a set for their wedding. They used it right up until they dumped it (WHY?) when they updated their kitchen. They neglected to inform me what they were up to, of course, thus preventing me from having the time to book a flight home and save all the classic retro bits from being thrown away / given to charity.

Excuse the mess of the family oilcloth in the below image of my new pin – 



I have also vowed that anything I buy now must be useable – not something to gather dusting posing pointlessly on a shelf – and I fully intend to put that into practise. Next time there’s a need for rolling, lovely Mr Red Skyline is going to come to the rescue.

The next item to exert its irresistible pull over me was a terrific enamel flour bin. I have always had a hankering after these, and on many an occasion I have poured over the options on a certain online auction site.

This one was in good nick and again, I knew that it would not be taken home and placed somewhere, never to be properly appreciated. Instead, I filled it with my assorted bags of flour and gave it pride of place on the kitchen dresser.


I still haven’t got to the stage where I can walk past it without giving it an admiring glance!




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