The sun’s shining – pass the homemade pizza

When the sun comes out, so does lighter fare. In addition to my good old weekday stalwart the pastry sheet veg tart (which I have blogged about previously), I also rely on a homemade pizza to provide a healthy and tasty family meal. 

As I quite often have to cook from a sitting position these days, thanks to my duff back, I definitely don’t go to the trouble of making a dough from scratch. Instead, I pick up a few packets of those brilliant pizza dough mixes from the supermarket. You add a bit of water, do a little light kneading and leave it in a warm place for ten minutes. And you still feel like you’ve done something a bit more than the norm.

The best thing about this concoction is that you can use quite a number of items which might be hanging around your fridge or cupboards – pizza is a friend to many ingredients. You don’t even have to have a tomato base – nice options include a barbecue chicken version with red onions and some red peppers.  

I am also keen on this particular recipe as it’s another way to talk to our chocoholic daughter about vegetables. Sad as that sounds, we are constantly worried about her limited diet (which she prefers despite having been weaned on purees of every fruit and veg under the sun). When we make a pizza, she likes to get up on a chair and place the ingredients on top of the base. She might lick the odd one, but hey, the only people who are going to eat it are herself and her parents.


Our pizza this week, strangely shaped as it was, hosted red and yellow peppers, mushrooms, some chorizo and mozzarella on top of a base of tomato puree with a sprinkling of oregano. We added some basil from the windowsill. 



It doesn’t ever go far wrong – how could it, especially when cheese is involved! And the good thing is, when she’s been involved with preparing it, she’s usually a bit more happy to sample it.




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