I couldn’t resist adding some Muppet cookie cutters to my stupidly large collection

I can’t remember when it all started, and when it all got out of control, but I own many, many cookie cutters – well over 100, I’d guess. And I have just gone and added a few more to the pile! 

I know there are the basic shapes I have always had, my basic Christmas set, my fluted scone and shortbread ones, and I guess their numbers kept on creeping up. it doesn’t help that, these days, you can get such a fantastic variety of weird and wonderful ones in addition to really fun shapes to make cookies with. And, of course, the internet opens up the cookie cutters of the world as a potential purchase.  

I have stiletto heel, cocktail glass, gingerbread-men-missing-limb ones, in addition to animals, cactuses, fairytale princes, coaches, pumpkins, crowns and creatures, all of which reside in the same boxes as shamrocks, Hallowe’en shapes, Easter cutters, flowers, letters, Disney, hands, feet and tons of others. And they all lurk around the place in boxes like the below, waiting for their holiday or a suitable occasion to arise – Image

Because I already have so many, and they take up so much room in my already hugely overcrowded (and not really that big) kitchen, I decided a few years ago that I would stop myself from buying any more.

That was  a few weeks ago, before I spotted a set and another single cutter online that I couldn’t stop myself from purchasing – a vintage Sesame Street collection and a green Kermit one. The Muppets and Jim Henson are my number one joint obsessions (a replica Kermit takes pride of place in our bedroom!) so there was no way these were going to remain in their US homes. They belonged with me and my lot.

The Sesame Street set includes Bert, Ernie, Cookie Monster, Oscar the Grouch, Big Bird and The Count (ah ah ah, six cookie cutters) and I can’t wait to get baking and try to do them justice. I’ll need to start practising my (slightly dodgy) icing technique first…  



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