Podding time! On the menu – peas and broad beans

One of my favourite parts of the year is when peas and broad beans are in season and available everywhere. I wish we had got to the stage where we were growing them in the back garden, but we haven’t quite managed to sort out our veg patch yet! 

Our daughter may only be four years old, but she has been helping me to do this podding for as long as she can remember, something I am sure I have reported before. And I was totally chuffed this year when I bought a big bag of peas in their pods, and a big bag of broad beans, and was able to whip them out as if they were sweets, such was the reaction I knew they’d inspire. 


She didn’t let me down, exclaiming “peas!” and dashing out to the kitchen to get the sorting bowls. 

We got to work and thought we might as well use them for that night’s evening meal. And what’s easier than a summer risotto, especially given that summer means that we usually have a bottle of white wine lying around. 

A bit of arborio rice, white wine, chicken stock and seasoning later, we had our basic risotto, into which we tipped the podded peas and broad beans (minus their skins, we having removed them earlier after cooking before then blanching them in cold water) and some parmesan. 

I crisped up an indecent amount of parma ham for the top and served it with a little bit of garlic on the side. It was delicious – and it won’t be the last time this summer we eat these two favoured veg in some form or another. 




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