Worknight staple: ‘curry’ chicken


I am always searching for easy worknight evening meals to get us through Monday – Friday.
They must be healthy and quick, as when I’m keeping a four year-old occupied, I cannot be tied to the stove.

One of the most popular recent things we have been eating is ‘curry’ chicken. It’s something I can easily prepare the night before, and cook without much hassle the next day.

And I don’t even measure anything. I just chuck a load of spices in a bowl – a tsp of ground cumin, coriander, turmeric and chilli powder, plus a tbsp of curry powder, and add two of my kitchen staple frozen cubes (two of garlic and one of ginger). Then I add some olive oil and mix it all together, before donning rubber gloves and smothering it all over the chicken (legs and thighs laid out in an oven tray), covering it in clingfilm and leaving it overnight.

The next evening, I add some onion wedges to the oven tray and cook the whole thing for 45 minutes at 175 degrees C (fan oven).

Add some cooked brown rice and some green veg (steamed over the pot during the end of the rice’s cooking time), some salt and pepper and that’s it. It’s healthy and tasty – and the four year old eats it, too, without complaint. And there aren’t many dishes we can say that about in our house.



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