A little bit about me

Welcome to Baps and Buns!

I am originally from Northern Ireland, where baps (what English people call buns) and buns (small cakes) were core elements of my childhood. My mum and dad taught me to cook when I was very young and the spark became a flame that hasn’t diminished yet.

Now, I live in Winchester in Hampshire and I’m a married mum of two daughters – one of whom has Aspergers – with a busy job and chronic pain, and I find that flicking through my bookcase of cookbooks and preparing some food is the best therapy to keep me happy and sane.

I live in a different country than my family and rustling up something familiar is a way to stem any homesickness, taking me back to the place where it was served to me first.

I’m running out of room to store my culinary equipment – as my Dad says, one day I’ll have so much stuff in my kitchen that I will be outside looking in!

I love films, books, cooking and crafting and definitely tend towards the nerdy in my passions. Nothing wrong with that!