Online library makes me very app-y!

I’m finally back on the blog after all this time – looking after two children and working four days a week has taken me away from most of my passions, especially while one of those children is a crazy 2 year-old – because I really felt the need to spread the word about a certain wonderful app for we bookworms.

I try and use my local library account as much as possible as I want the library service to be around forever, and we’re lucky enough to have a beautiful discovery centre in our city. It’s not hard to make the most of it as its catalogue is outstanding and packed with enticing new releases. And I have turned to it when economy has forced me to think about indulging my passion for books in a more cost effective way – in this case, a free of charge loan.

And so, thinking of a certain book I wanted, I checked online and discovered that our county’s Hampshire Library Service offers Borrow Box. All you need to do is download the BorrowBox app, log in to your library account and bingo, you’re off. There are full details on the library website. You’re allowed 5 ebooks and 5 audiobooks and if the one you want is there, a simple tap gives you instant access to the content. Even when the item you want is not available, you can reserve it with another tap and the service will send you an email to let you know when it’s there and ready for you.


I have already been able to cross a few books I’ve really wanted to read off my list and it all felt so very easy to make the most of every unforgiving minute, to borrow from Kipling, and get some reading done because the app was right there on my phone.


As a Luddite, I love my proper physical books – and I won’t ever stop buying and keeping as many as my husband will let me (he tolerates TBR piles like the one below all over our house) – but I feel that this is another way for me to indulge one of my greatest passions. In those moments where I might have a little window of opportunity for me time, but I am without a physical book, I can swiftly open the app and get a few chapters under my belt, thus turning a moment when I would quite possibly have mindlessly browsed or checked social media into a quality little encounter with my latest borrow.

If you haven’t already joined your local library, I would urge you to do so (the importance of libraries is for another post) and get going with this app. This tech is pretty life-enhancing and wants absolutely nothing from you in return. How often can you say that.



Library book overload!

When I visit the library, I can’t help myself – I am like a kid in a sweet shop. And I have heaped torture upon myself again by taking out too many books. What with the child and the job and the husband and the back, there’s not much time left for reading, and often when I get into bed, my eyes betray me and droop much too soon.

I had ordered Kate Atkinson’s new book and Peggy Riley’s Amity & Sorrow. Then I spied World War Z, which I am seeing this week, plus a book by Deborah Harkness which I’d been meaning to check out at some point.

So I gave in to temptation and, as a result, the bedside table is heaving. What to read first?!



Grocery shopping – with a few treats thrown in

Just got back from the supermarket, and, as usual, I ended up throwing any amount of guilty pleasure treats into the trolley! I tried hard to be good, but the lure of carbs and sugar proved as irresistible as ever.

I did buy the ingredients for Nigella Lawson’s brilliant minestrone in minutes from Nigella Express as I have a friend coming for lunch and no time to cook.

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