Bud Light Lime hits UK supermarkets – thank you ASDA

I have many happy memories of the four consecutive summers I spent in America as a youth leader.

And yes, many of the memories are of events which occurred when we’d clocked off and were supping beers in the heat after hours. We gathered around and downed countless bottles of Bud Light which I know many people dismiss as a weak and less than wonderful beverage. But I’ve always been a Bud drinker, and so it was the slurp of choice for me.

I have never understood why it hasn’t ever been on sale in the UK. The husband once treated me to a shipment from a company who imports and sells it, but it cost a king’s ransom. So I was over the moon to read a snippet in this month’s ASDA magazine that the lime version – a little bit of lime/fruit etc being the current ‘big thing’ as far as bottled beer marketing is concerned – was going to be in store at the beginning of August.

The other half couldn’t resist popping in on just the specified date to pick up a sixer and we could barely resist diving in, but retrained ourselves, recognising the essential need to wait for it to cool down in the fridge.

And the first gulp? Weak and wonderful, just as I knew it would be. I closed my eyes and dreamed of heady, responsibility free nights in good company.