Easter ‘baking’ with a four year-old – Nigella comes to the rescue

The daughter is at the age where she’s obsessed with cooking, but it’s a four year-old’s obsession, where she wants to cook, cook, cook, or bake, bake, bake until her attention is caught by something else. Usually after you’ve got to the stage of getting out all the ingredients and are at the point where eggs have been cracked and it’s too late to turn back.

She is more interested – and it’s not hard to see why – in the end result of icing / eating.

When she wanted to do some ‘baking’ recently, I remembered a recipe which has turned out to be absolutely perfect for this time of year – Nigella’s Easter nests from the kids’ section in How to Be a Domestic Goddess. All you need is some Shredded Wheat, chocolate to melt and some chocolate eggs – Cadbury Mini Eggs, of course – to sit in the hollow when you’re done.


Melting chocolate – in short bursts in the microwave, nice and carefully – takes no time at all, so we were able to crack on with smashing up the cereal. Then we were able to get stuck into the moulding and by the time that was finished, the first nests were dry enough for my daughter to eat.

They’re a bit naughty, but then it is the season of egg hunts and enjoying a little bit of a chocolate treat!


Grocery shopping – with a few treats thrown in

Just got back from the supermarket, and, as usual, I ended up throwing any amount of guilty pleasure treats into the trolley! I tried hard to be good, but the lure of carbs and sugar proved as irresistible as ever.

I did buy the ingredients for Nigella Lawson’s brilliant minestrone in minutes from Nigella Express as I have a friend coming for lunch and no time to cook.

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