Uh-oh, a massive spend on Oreos!

I have always loved the foodstuffs of the USA, right from the moment I was exposed to American films and TV and wondered, for example, what on earth Jan was eating in Grease with all her talk of Twinkies and the like. Four summers in various states with a youth project consolidated all that yearning, all that dreaming about Twizzlers, Ben & Jerry’s and Dunkin’ Donuts and then getting to wander around the stores and actually buy and consume them… It’s not sophisticated I know but these things seemed very exotic and desirable to a young gal growing up in Northern Ireland in the late 1970s and 1980s (where foodstuffs were, I must admit, a wee bit bland).

I’ll bore you with the pictures of my collection of Ben & Jerry’s tubs another time – for now, I’m going to wax lyrical about wonderful, wonderful Oreos thanks to some recent purchases which have enlivened my July no end.

I’m fine with normal Oreos as sold in the UK but they really don’t float my boat as much any more because I’m aware that there are SO many more exciting flavours available over the pond. As with B&J, we just don’t get to sample the weird and wonderful range of treats that our American cousins do. Thus, I am always on the lookout for any UK suppliers of these US special editions. I have given in to the shysters in London selling them for TEN POUNDS a pack, so desperate I am to get my hands on the lemon edition, or the S’mores flavour but I do balk at spending that amount of money on biscuits.

Praise be, as I think I have found a new supplier – an older couple who run a stall on Winchester high street on Saturdays. I happened to wander past last week after a haircut and almost did a comedy double take. Oh the range of treats they have in stock! It took me about three minutes to spend £28 on this lot –


The Oreos were a much more reasonable £6 per pack and I was absolutely happy to fork out that amount, I mean just look at those cracking special edition marshmallow moon landing ones!  They even have glow in the dark stickers on the pack and I am a total sucker for anything glow in the dark 🙂


The chocolate peanut butter ones are a pressie for an incredible friend who is looking after one of my children this summer – she’s a peanut butter addict – and we’re already tucking into the Easter pack. My girls love the cute design and the bright purple icing and we’re not remotely bothered that we’re not eating seasonally 😉

IMG_1853 And as for the amazing Dunkin’ Donuts coffee (which was £10 from the stall) … I have been depressed since Cinnabon shut down in Southampton and central London and this cinnamon roll coffee (or cinnamon coffee roll as it says on the packaging) is heavenly. I sip it and imagine I am back among friends in Chicago, North Carolina or Memphis. No one does cinnamon like the Americans.

All in all, money well spent. I am definitely planning on becoming a regular customer. Who knew what glorious treats were right on the streets of my home city all this time!


P.s. I did get my hands on special edition TV related Oreos via mail order which I’d love to talk about but they are for my brother’s birthday and there’s a slight chance of him reading this post so, another time amigos.